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Martin Parkos, former Marketing & Sales Director for global brands turned growth advisor.
Message from Martin, author and founder of the MPC method on how to attract strangers attention and turn them into happy paying customers.

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

welcome and thank you for considering my new Growth Guide. I'm here to provide you with everything you need to succeed.

Because I hear it everyday,...growing a business is really hard!

Maybe you've tried everything under the sun and still feel like you don't get the results that you deserve? 

Or you find yourself overwhelmed, lost in the 'marketing maze', having too many things on your plate, not sure where to focus and what to do next?

Well, it seems as entrepreneurs we get our fair share of doubt, fear and frustrations to deal with.

Anyway, this guide can help you to get ahead with focus, clarity and confidence, make an impact and grow leads, clients and sales.

I'll show you how in a minute...
But Before We Go Any Further, Please Note
This guide is not for everyone! The average person who buys any "business building" book, course or similar rarely gets any results at all.

So this might not be for you as there is only a small number of people it will really work for. 

Most people simply abhor responsibility. They shudder at the prospect of action. They fear change, and their stomach rumples at the very thought of risk. 

And contrary to "Get-rich-quick!" scams of those "Rolex in a rented Ferrari Gurus" here's the bottom line:

Nothing ever works right the first time. At least not for me, anyway.

You've got to stick with it. Think about it: if business was easy, everybody would be rich. So if you're looking for the "magic bullet" or an "easy button" that will turn you into Rockefeller overnight, I'm not your guy.

Better you know now than be disappointed later.

Now with that out of the way, let me assure you - the MPC-method that I am about to share with you has taken several of my clients from overwhelmed and confused to a steady stream of leads, customers and sales.

And if you are open for a new perspective I believe it can help you too.

I'll show you exactly how you can put it to play in your own marketing so that you turn your business into an automated selling system and gain back your time. More sales. Less hustle.

If you are still here to find out more let me tell you…
Exactly What You’re Getting
First off, this is dramatically different from every other book on marketing and sales theory. Right away, I jump straight into telling you exactly what to do, how to do it and why, so that you can grow your long, drawn out philosophical theory nor explanations.

Just the exact, proven method that is working right now.

Plus, this is a simple read.

At just 75 pages, you can read it in an afternoon.

And you’ll immediately “see” the exact MPC Method I personally use to drive leads, customers and sales, fast.
You probably ask yourself...
Why This Will Work If Nothing Else Has?
Because this guide is based not on opinions but on a solid proof-tested method to get your ideal prospect to know, like and trust you.

It reveals how to make them raise their hands and come forward without you having to chase after them.

When you put it to test it will help you become a master of persuasion in any medium without being pushy, sleazy or an extroverted word twister.

This is the best gem of marketing & sales wisdom I have gleaned from more than 25 years of hard work, passionate dedication and relentless searching for the best ways to make others respond favorably.

Because this guide is about YOU. It's only concern is about your business, your life, your future, your world, your success. If you use Magnetic Profitable Communication, the MPC-method you are about to discover, you will obtain more of what you want in business:

More leads.

More customers.

More sales.

More profits.

More security.

More independence.

More time.

More freedom.

If this sounds right up your alley you should click here rather sooner than later because once you know how to persuade others to do what you ask you can shortcut to whatever you want in life.

Now that you know why it is different,...

Get The Keys To Unlock 31 Virtually UNKNOWN Marketing Secrets That Will Grow Your Brand Online

  • How to easily implement a hassle free customer acquisition system that frees you from chasing after new clients day after day or sitting around and just hoping and praying they magically fall into your lap. (SECRET #1, p.23)
  • How you can go from “Annoying Pest” to “Welcome Guest" and lead with status without intruding selling tactics. (SECRET #7, p.19)
  • ​Ditch the pitch and find out which role your customer really wants to play and align this to your offer so that you never again have to ​"push" for a sale. (SECRET #12, p.51)
  • The three things you must do in your marketing so that your buyer is reeling in bliss and comes back to buy again and again. (SECRET #10, p.65)
  • ​The "Inside tweak" to read your prospects minds, use it to make your ads hit the "bulls eye" of what really matters to them. (SECRET #4, p.22)
  • Why learning digital marketing skills is better than any other investments, even property, stocks or gold. (SECRET #2, p.17)
  • Why the MPC-selling-system is the best kept "Autopilot" growth secret today and why it will work for your business, too. (SECRET #29, p.72)
  • How to really break through the hype and get customers on for large monthly sales profits with very little risk-no matter what you know or have been told about marketing. (SECRET #5, p.28)
  • ​Do you make this money-murdering mistake in your marketing? Discover the #1 reason why business owners fail. Most often it is not because of a lack of vision, no plan or a lack of skills. (SECRET #3, p.8)
  • ​How to attract customers the way a large magnet draws metal filings. The crucial starting point before launching any ads, get this wrong and your campaigns will bomb. (SECRET #6, p.12)
  • ​Where to find cheap, highly qualified leads that will ASK YOU for your help. (SECRET #8, p.21)
  • How to make it enormously simple for ideal clients to join your email list. (SECRET #17, p.39)
  • How the top 1% of entrepreneurs consistently and predictably acquire new clients and never have a day with zero sales in their business. (SECRET #25, p.71)
  • How not to get distracted from "vanity metrics" and focus on what really matters instead to drive business sales growth. (SECRET #9, p.9)
  • ​How to "pimp your pitch" using powerwords. Just choose from a list of the top 30 that boost your sales conversions, guaranteed! (SECRET #19, p.37)
  • The exact formula to establish FULL AUTHORITY in the eyes of your prospective clients so they’ll jump through hoops to work with you. (SECRET #27, p.60)
  • How to get your prospects attention without coming across like a leg-humper. This little gem will skyrocket consultation call bookings. (SECRET #30, p.68)
  • How to get prospects to Self-Qualify themselves so they are perfectly primed to become a client on the first call. (SECRET #31, p.71)
  • Don't guess for success! Instead discover the core metrics that are critical to grow your business with e-mail marketing.  (SECRET #24, p.58)
  • TODAY: Start getting in front of qualified prospects who can afford you when you eliminate this one thing. (SECRET #11, p.7)
  • Discover the seemingly backwards strategy nobody is using that helps you get inside the mind of your ideal prospects and lead them to becoming a client. (SECRET #13, p.20)
You'll learn how to install the MPC Method in your own business so that you never again have a day with zero sales.
The Gurus Tell You
"Digital marketing is complicated and you need deep pockets to compete!"


Come closer...listen, when you read my new guide you will understand why you should do the exact opposite of what you might have heard. In fact you can start really, really small and let the algorithm do the magic for you without risking more than pocket money to begin with. And it all starts with the right...headline!

And it can be so easy to implement, just pick one from the templates you are about to discover on page 32.

To tell the truth, this book is about MORE than just lead generation as it...
Puts More Cash Into Your Business
  • How to pass the "So What!" test in your prospects mind. Master this or your pitch will burst like a soap bubble on a rose thorn. (SECRET #21, p.55)
  • A "mirroring" technique unlike anything you've seen that elevates ONLY your most interested prospects so you aren't wasting any time on "tire kickers". (SECRET #18, p.39)
  • ​How to write killer headlines that stop your audience in their tracks. Without it your ad will pass like a ship in the night. (SECRET #20, p.32)
  • Steal the proven strategies from a former Fortune 500 Digital Marketing & Sales Director​.  Any sane entrepreneur desiring to double his sales would love to get his hands on this simple step-by-step implementation guide. (SECRET #14)
You Probably Heard That...
"You are supposed to go straight for the sale to get clients fast, right?"


Find out what you should do instead to get the cheapest leads so you can scale your campaigns and see your competitors in the back mirror!

Copy the method outlined in this book that 99% of marketers are not even aware of.

Last not least discover...
What Every Entrepreneur Should Know
  • What you can learn from your next doctor visit that will double your chances of closing a client. (SECRET #26)
  • How to ETHICALLY bribe your ideal prospects into taking action without you having to lift a finger.  (SECRET #15, p.26)
  • The single best thing you can do to skyrocket your email open rates. This is subconsciously compelling to wake-up the "sleepers" on your list and make them hunger for what you have to offer!  (SECRET #28, p.66)
  • Why your prospects MUST view you as a hero to hire you and exactly how to be "heroic" in their eyes. (SECRET #24, p.60)
  • When it's OK to make excuses for your clients...this is the only time you can do it and there's only one way it works. (SECRET #16)
  • A simple strategy to keep you right smack in front of your hottest prospects until they become a client. (SECRET #22, p.62)
YOU'RE RIGHT...that is a ton of proven, immediately useful strategies and tactics that work right now to turn strangers into happy paying customers!
Here's What To Do Next
You don't have to pay anything to get the book right now!

I want you to read it for FREE and judge for yourself if it's worth paying $5.90 later at -60% OFF the regular price on Amazon.

As soon as you order you'll get an email with the instant download link.

So you can get right to it without having to wait for the book to come to you in the mail.

And you can access it anywhere, whenever you want without having to lug around a hard copy. You can print as many copies as you like without having to buy more.

Oh, there is one more thing...
Time Is Of The Essence
Here’s why.

I‘m making a loss with every book. I pay for advertising cost to give it away exclusively on this page for you to test and only pay me $5,90 if you love it.

So why would I do that?

Simple. I want to create a great impression on you now so that eventually you might do more business with me further down the road.

Pretty straight forward really. But I'm not sure for how long I can do this.

And if that's still not enough to get you excited to take action...

I'll also throw in...

A FREE Bonus!

I realize this is totally right about now, you might be wondering what the "catch" is.

You might have experienced other websites that offered you something and then stuck you into some program with a recurring monthly fee.

This isn't one of them.

There's NO hidden program you get automatically signed up for or anything else you have to buy.

But with all that said, there is just ONE thing to keep in mind.
An “insider” shortcut video training on how to create a simple, honest, and crazy-profitable ad... in 3 easy steps.

This will supercharge your business without having to pay an arm and a leg for a copywriter or an overpriced agency.

You see, most often entrepreneurs get it all wrong by showing off what they have to offer, only talking to themselves in their advertising wondering why nobody buys.

From watching this masterclass you will be in a much better place!

Best of all... You can go through at your own pace.

Take one lesson each day as they come, let the AHA-moment sink in, 

do the little exercise (takes only a couple of minutes) and...

BOOM - you'll be so proud of your own ad!

And I want you to have this as my gift just for saying 'Maybe' to the book. 
However, I hope I have given you enough information about my new Growth Guide to make you decide to get it and read it right away.

In case you are still on the fence, here is...
Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
You'll get the Growth Guide and the video training bonus for FREE for a full 30 days. If for any reason (or no reason at all) you are not 100% thrilled just let me know and I won't charge you and let you keep the book and the bonus anyway with no questions asked.

How's that for fair? 
I appreciate you taking the time to read my letter to you and I can't wait to rush a copy of my new guide to your inbox!

PS. Just in case you’re like me and skipped to the bottom of the page, here's my offer: 

Get my 5-star rated MPC Growth Guide for FREE and if you love it pay $5.90 later (Onetime payment at -60% off the regular price on Amazon).

You'll also get a FREE 4day Video Masterclass Bonus just for saying 'Maybe' to the book.

This selling system puts your lead generation on autopilot to grow your business. You'll be waking up every morning to an inbox bursting with eager-to-buy leads. 

More sales. Less hustle.

Don't worry about financial insecurity or weekend work anymore. Everything will be running smoothly and a sense of calm will wash over you.

But remember - this is the only time in which I am going to offer it with a free trial, the 4day video  training bonus and at such low cost.

So hadn't you better clicked this link here to reserve your copy RIGHT NOW while you can take advantage of this Special Offer?
Thanks for clarifying everything for me, Martin! You may be full of beans, but what have I got to lose? 

I appreciate you are excited to rush me your damn guide, but just hold my card for full 30 days so I can check it out. And if I notify you, promise me you will never charge those $5.90!

Then for heaven's sake...
PPS: 30 days from now you can be nothing more than one month older -or you can be on your way to a growing brand and more sales with less hustle. The choice is yours.
DISCLAIMER: I have the benefit of nearly 30 years in the trenches of advanced sales and marketing. Most people who buy any “how to” information get little to no results, especially if they aren’t willing to follow the suggested strategies and work hard. These results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond my control. I make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back. All successful businesses incur risks and require persistence and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.

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