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  • page 12: read four short pages - no more. Put down the book. Review in your mind the one simple "inside tweak" I've shown you. And then - get ready for your new AUTOMATED Selling System for more sales with less hustle.
  • page 17: ​the single internet skill that will surely make you thrive even if you feel overwhelmed with digital marketing. 
  • ​page 20: the seemingly backwards strategy that helps you "enter the conversation already going on in your prospect's mind" so that you can elegantly  influence them to becoming a client.
  • page 72: ​how to find your way out of the "Marketing Maze". Hint: follow this simple 5-step method to amplify, accelerate and automate your sales and gain back your time.
  •  And so much more!
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Testimonials on ProvenExpert
This helps to create Internet campaigns that sell like crazy… regardless of your industry. Highly Recommended!! 
Sanyukta M., ★★★★★Rating
It was only through the MPC Method that I actually realized what my customers really needed and how to respond to those needs. The result is more orders, more sales and more satisfied customers. 
Hannes E., ★★★★★Rating
Martin really helped us to scale our digital footprint and to generate clients.
Alex S., ★★★★★Rating
This book does all of what you expect and more. It explains in simple and easy to understand principles, and logical detail (and gives templates you can copy), how to deliver sales copy that can be used in many different formats. Loved it. Highly recommended.
Michael W., ★★★★★Rating
Martin has decades of hands on experience in the world of CMOs and marketing leaders, and combines them with top-notch digital marketing expertise.
Leander S., ★★★★★Rating
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